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Join Our Team

Why Should You Join IDL?

The Innovation Diffusion Lab (IDL) is always looking for new members, and we would love to have you on our team. But what can IDL offer you? Watch the video with some of our current members- Cassie Hayes, Alex Olshansky, and Chaitra Kulkarni to learn more.

If you are interested in becoming a member of IDL, there are three potential membership opportunities: an independent study/internship, a research assistantship, or a volunteer membership. 


Membership Options

RAship TTU.png

Research Assistantship

For Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Our research assistantship is available to undergraduate and graduate students who will be employed by Texas Tech University to perform research under the Innovation Diffusion Lab. Research Assistants (RAs) will assist in IDL's research efforts by learning about key concepts and critical issues in diffusion research, communication, virtual organizing, and the big data movements. RAs will implement research techniques and work in collaborative teams to carry out research and/or contribute to scholarly publications.

Intern with Masks.jpg

Independent Study/ Internship

For Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Our independent study is available to both undergraduate and graduate students who are looking for an opportunity to participate in research projects to develop an in-depth understanding of diffusion research. The independent study can be taken during any spring, fall, or summer semester, and students will receive three hours of class credit for completing the independent study. 

ttu volunteer.jpg

Volunteer Membership

For Anyone

Anyone is welcome to join IDL as a volunteer member. For our volunteers, there are no set requirements for being an IDL member and you can join our meetings at any time. This is a great way to learn more about diffusion research, our team, and the lab without completing an independent study or working as an RA.

Apply Now

If you would like to apply, fill out the application form below, and you will be contacted to complete an interview with one of our team members. If you do not receive a response from our team after 24 hours, please reach out to us through email.

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IDL Diversity & Inclusion 

The Innovation Diffusion Lab prioritizes creating a welcoming and safe environment where students, faculty, staff, and community members of all backgrounds can learn, work, and collaborate together. IDL honors the diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich our community, and we are inclusive of race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, cultural backgrounds and practices, age, disability status, medical conditions, citizenship, socioeconomic status, marital status, pregnancy, veteran or military status, and more.  

IDL aims to continually reaffirm our commitment to diversity by asking questions, listening to our community, and learning from others. We prioritize engaging in ongoing dialogue to thoughtfully respond to the changing realities of our increasingly interconnected world. We strive to work together to address the challenges of the future in a way that removes barriers to success and promotes a culture of inclusivity, compassion, and mutual respect within IDL.


Overall, the Innovation Diffusion Lab hopes to increase awareness and hold our students, faculty, staff, and members accountable for being inclusive towards all community members and the diverse perspectives across Texas Tech University and the world. 

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