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NSF CORE #2007100

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Conversational Agents for Supporting Sustainable Implementation and Systematic Diffusion of Cyberinfrastructure and Scientific Gateways

This project aims to help cyberinfrastructure users (in health informatics, neuroscience, etc.) optimally accomplish scientific tasks (e.g., identifying useful information, running simulations, etc.) in the age of informational overload by developing and/or enhancing science gateways (e.g., KnowCOVID-19, CyNeuro) and an accompanying chatbot to provide user's support. Named after a wise advisor in Indian mythology, Vidura is a chatbot designed to guide users to navigate the gateway platform to effectively (with quality) and efficiently (with speed) find the information users need. This is a collaboration with Prasad Calyam and Satish Nair in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Missouri-Columbia (under OAC #2006816).

To learn more about IDL's CORE project, click on the following link to the NSF's website:

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